Campbell High School Celebrates Diversity through its Annual International Festival

Quinceañera Parade
Pictured above, the ladies who participated in the Quinceañera Parade of Dresses showcase an elaborate array of gowns to demonstrate the Latin American tradition that celebrates a girl’s transition into womanhood. Photo by Consuelo Weaver, HOPE Club Sponsor.
International Festival at Campbell High School
(Photos by Jocelyn Ruiz, Campbell High School Yearbook Staff Member)

The International Festival has been a major event at Campbell High School for the past twenty-five years. At this event the faculty, staff, and students celebrate their diversity.

Campbell High School has proven to be a positive and a rewarding environment for all students, and our pride in ourselves and anyone else of different cultures, religions, races, or ethnic backgrounds has made our school one of the most unique schools in Cobb County. Everyone is welcome, accepted, and celebrated at Campbell High School.

Being a part of Campbell High School truly prepares our students for the future in this globally interconnected world, and the International Festival has become a hallmark of our multiculturalism and diversity.

International Festival at Campbell High School

This year the International Festival was held on Friday, November 17, 2017. It commenced with the Parade of Nations, in which students, teachers, and other members of the Campbell community proudly displayed flags and wore attire to celebrate their heritages and cultures.

Campbell High’s very own dance team were the first to perform at the International Festival. The dancers had butterflies in their stomachs as their time to perform was coming close. Their tension was released as the performers strode into the gym as a team and showed off their Campbell pride. The festive dance made the crowd roar; the audience was engrossed in the show and anticipated of events to come.

Other key performances at the International Festival included a variety of traditional and contemporary dances from Latin, Japanese, Indian, Korean, and other cultures. Students from all backgrounds danced to the beat of music from around the world. Another unique performance was a fashion show that exhibited clothing worn throughout the decades in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Through this show, the audience had an authentic multicultural experience.

International Festival at Campbell High School

At the show’s conclusion, school administrators, teachers, students, and others shared positive feedback and deemed the International Festival to be an enormous success.

The students who viewed the festival said that they were proud to be able to experience an environment that is so diverse like the one at Campbell High School.

International Festival at Campbell High School

Ladi Ogbaje, a Campbell High School senior who participated in the native African dance, encapsulated the sentiments of many of the participants and the audience: “It gave me the chance to publicly celebrate my culture in front of hundreds of people and have them as well appreciate me. The crowd overall appreciated everyone whether it was through music, dancing, or the cultural outfits. Being a part of it was simply amazing.”

Overall, the International Festival is a dynamic experience that emphasizes that there is no single race or culture in the world. Humanity is made up of a multitude of cultures in this world, and it is an honor to have a chance to celebrate these cultures at Campbell High School.

Special thanks to Mr. Eybelman, Ms. Prendes, and all our students and event sponsors for making this assembly such a great success! Watch the video here:

Article Contributors:

  • Gene Eybelman, Campbell High School ESOL Teacher
  • Jocelyn Ruiz, Campbell High School Senior Yearbook Staff Member
  • Amanda De La Rosa, Campbell High School Yearbook Adviser