Smyrna Invites Residents to Join Smyrna United Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion

Attendees at Jan 9 Smyrna United info meeting

Tuesday, January 9th – The City of Smyrna held an informational and community engagement meeting at the Smyrna Community Center to discuss its plans to establish the Smyrna United Task Force on diversity and inclusion.

The effort is part of the implementation of the city’s Strategic Vision Plan which outlines clear goals such as “Smyrna will be known as a community that celebrates its diversity” and includes plans to form a multicultural council.

Nearly 70 people attended to listen, ask questions, volunteer, and offer feedback. Robin Crawford, a professional diversity consultant working with the city, led the presentation and will be serving as a facilitator on the task force as it moves forward. She outlined the structure and goals for the community task force as well as the requirements for serving on the committee.

Smyrna United Task Force LogoStructure:

  • 15-20 members
  • Representative of the community
  • Monthly meetings, lunch or evening
  • A few staff participants and liaisons
  • Possible subcommittees as needed


  • Community Survey
  • Community Dialogue
  • Community Events
  • Smyrna United Diversity Website

Requirements/Expectations for members:

  • Attend and engage in monthly meetings
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback and input to city leadership and elected officials
  • Undergo diversity training
  • Commit 2-5 hours a month of their time to engage in meetings and planning efforts
  • Live and/or work in the City of Smyrna

During and after the presentation, attendees asked questions and sparked conversation about issues of inclusion in the community. There were also opportunities for attendees to provide feedback about their experience as residents, as well as ideas about possible events and activities that the task force could help coordinate.

The City will select from the volunteer applicants so not everyone that volunteers for the task force will be able to serve, and there will be volunteer activities for anyone that wants to help support this community initiative and cannot participate regularly.

The forms for sign up and feedback are also available online and will be kept open for most of January. Links are provided below if you are interested. Contact information for the city liaisons can also be found below.

Volunteer Sign Up

Feedback Form

Scott Andrews, Assistant City Administrator

Maxwell Ruppersburg, Special Projects Coordinator

About Strategic Vision Plan

Smyrna's Strategic Vision Plan represents the goals and values of the community. It lays out specific initiatives as well as broad goals that the city should work toward. The original 2014 plan identified 52 initiatives to pursue over 10 years. The city's vision plan has been further updated by the Comprehensive Plan adopted in October 2017 which lays out a 25-year vision.

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