Smyrna Joins Atlanta Regional Housing Task Force

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The City of Smyrna was invited to participate in the Atlanta Regional Housing Task Force for the Metro area.

The task force was newly formed in the summer of 2017. It is part of the efforts by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to encourage greater communication between jurisdictional organizations.

The group will only consist of governmental employees. No elected officials or nonprofit organization representatives, or members of the public are invited to participate. It is meant to be a space where governmental employees working on issues of housing can discuss issues candidly with their peers. The task force meets quarterly.

The goal is to better coordinate efforts to address housing issues that affect the entire Metro Atlanta region. Housing markets do not stop and start at city or county borders. Issues that affect Atlanta also affect Smyrna and many other communities.

The City of Smyrna is happy to be participating. This allows the city to be part of important regional conversations. It also allows us to work with other cities to learn from them and be at the front lines of innovation and improvement in municipal housing policy.

Joey Staubes, Planner II, will represent Smyrna’s Community Development as an attendee. Mr. Staubes is also a member of the city’s Community Housing Team. Administrative staff will also likely attend the quarterly meetings.

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