Smyrna Approves ‘Carry Out’ Alcohol Policy in Downtown Restaurant District

beer in plastic cup
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The City of Smyrna government is excited to approve a new policy that allows the carry out of alcoholic drinks like wine and beer in a ‘to-go’ cup within designated “Restaurant Districts.”

The ordinance change was approved at the February 19 Council meeting by Mayor and Council. Also approved was a resolution designating the downtown Smyrna Market Village area as the first Restaurant District in the city.  This means that Smyrna residents and visitors can now take their beer or wine served inside and enjoy it outdoors (as long as it’s in a paper or plastic cup) while walking or sitting outside in the Smyrna Market Village, an area most easily identified by the brick pavers.

Outline of Smyrna Market Village Carry out Restaurant District
Smyrna Market Village Restaurant District

Smyrna is following in the footsteps of other Georgia cities like Acworth, Roswell, Woodstock, and Savannah that have also created approved areas for open containers. The City of Smyrna believes this will encourage residents to enjoy the comfort and beauty of Smyrna Market Village, as well as encourage the additional support of local businesses by residents and visitors alike.

This change takes effect immediately and patrons can begin enjoying the new policy as soon as restaurants post the necessary signage and provide the appropriate paper or plastic cups.

Rules for Smyrna’s New ‘Carry Out’ Alcohol Policy

  1. Only one drink per person while outside business premises.
  2. Drinks must be in a paper or plastic cup. No glass, cans, or bottles permitted.
  3. Drinks can be no larger than 16 ounces.
  4. Drinks must be purchased from a business within the Restaurant District. No BYOB.
  5. Drinking outside of business premises ends at midnight and cannot begin before 11 AM.
  6. The carry out of alcohol off of a business premises is only allowed within a Restaurant District as designated by Smyrna Mayor and Council.

Establishments that can serve alcohol  are required to post signage inside that reads:

“It is a violation of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Smyrna to take any type of alcoholic beverage out of this establishment unless specifically permitted by State law or City of Smyrna Ordinance.”

This means that ALL the above rules must be met!

The City of Smyrna hopes that residents will be excited about this new policy and asks everyone to help us by following the rules and taking care of Smyrna Market Village so that adults can continue to enjoy this new privilege. The City is deploying additional trash cans in preparation for any additional outdoor trash needs to discourage any littering of the beautiful downtown area and the Smyrna Police Department will continue to enforce local and state alcohol laws.

If you want, you can read the full ordinance here.

If you have any questions, please contact Maxwell Ruppersburg at or by phone at 678-631-5405.

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